She got married in the early 1940’s to a man who beat her every day. He was an unhappy man who also happened to be an alcoholic. Angela just happened to be born in a time before birth control and in the rush to grow up became pregnant. In those days to get pregnant before marriage was a stigma that and became food for gossip and named a woman as a whore. So she got married to the man who fathered her child. He was angry so the first night he knocked out her front teeth. It was considered OK for a husband to handle his own affairs, and his wife was his affair. So day after day she raised children, three boys and a girl, and cleaned the house, made the meals, washed the dishes and everything considered woman’s work. Then that night, depending on his mood or state of conciousness, she would get beaten.
One day after 20 years she got up the nerve to leave him. Life was good for a while. Then she got a boyfriend. She lived with him a few months then she was once again enduring the beatings. Her son who was old enough by then, and my friend tired of his mom be abused, managed to run him off. I lost track of her then after she moved to Columbus but one year she ended up with someone else while her son went to OU. I suppose he beat her for a while before he took a knife and killed her.
I cry for her because she was a friend that I called mom since I hung out over at her house so much. But I don’t see why to this day, some women who have been abused keep falling for the same type of man, not once but several times. It was as true then as it is now. Can someone tell me why?